Engineering Consulting Services

Industrial Engineering Consulting Services

You have an engineering investment idea, but you do not know how to realize it? Are you troubled between two approaches?

Are you lacking knowledge and experience when dealing with complex engineering projects? Are you unaware of the local Bulgarian laws and regulations?

You will receive valuable advice and tips from engineering company Chimconsult, who provides engineering consulting services for both industrial engineering and civil engineering.
We are ready to assist you with your engineering business ideas.
  • Engineering team of highly-qualified engineers of all engineering disciplines
  • More than 20 years of experience in engineering designing and engineering consulting services
  • 100% licensed engineering software
  • 1000+ successfully completed engineering projects
  • Vast portfolio of happy clients across the globe

Engineering Consulting Services for both the industrial engineering and the civil engineering

We will provide you valuable guidance through our engineering consulting services in order to help you properly gather the necessary
data for the successful realization of your projects. We will develop an Action plan for you, bound by clearly measurable goals and a precise time schedule, indicating the sequence of the required design parts.

Do not loose precious time, contact us!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need engineering consulting services! Together we will discuss different options for project implementation, as well as different approaches to make sure you choose the right decision!

Don’t waste time thinking and reasoning! Do not waste unnecessary human or financial resources. Time is money! We have designers on stand-by, rich know-how portfolio, vast practical knowledge and we are ready to provide our engineering consulting services at any time, convenient for you!