Mechanical Engineering Services

Engineering Company performing Mechanical Engineering Services

Engineering company Chimconsult provides mechanical engineering services for various industries. The engineering company prepares conceptual (basic design), technical (FEED), detail design engineering (including workshop drawings) for industrial equipment, machines, technological equipment, process equipment, vessels and more. The engineering company has been calculating, analyzing and designing machines and equipment for more than 15 years, which contributes to the rich experience of the mechanical engineering designers, part of the team. The mechanical engineering designers prepare their projects using high-tech software, which allows the elimination of unwanted collisions before the implementation of the projects for the respective machines and equipment.

The mechanical engineering design of machines and equipment is part of the main activity of the company. Mechanical engineering discipline is one of the main focus of the organisation, gaining rich portfolio of complex projects for various machines, equipment and vessels, such as pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, reservoirs, conveyors, electrostatic precipitators (electro filters), silos, cyclone separators, huryclone separators and other equipment, part of the mechanical engineering discipline.

The mechanical engineering design of technological equipment for various industries is performed by mechanical engineers, who have vast experience in the using the latest and most modern software solutions, as the respective models of process and technological equipment are made entirely in 3D, then the detailed design of the technological equipment is completed in a familiar CAD environment, in BricsCAD software.

What type of mechanical engineering services does Chimconsult perform?


Engineering design of conveyors and elevators

  • Engineering design of redler conveyors (schneck conveyors)
  • Engineering design of chain conveyors
  • Engineering design of screw conveyors
  • Engineering design of belt conveyors
  • Engineering design of moving floors
  • Engineering design of roller conveyors
  • Engineering design of paddle conveyors
  • Engineering design of elevators
  • more.

Engineering design of pressure vessels and machines

  • Engineering design of pressure vessels
  • Engineering design of tanks
  • Engineering design of heat exchangers
  • Engineering design of shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Engineering design of cyclone separators
  • Engineering design of huryclone separators
  • Engineering design of vertical columns
  • and other.

Engineering design of specialized technological equipment

  • Engineering design of oil pre-heaters
  • Engineering design of boilers
  • Engineering design of dry electrostatic precipitators (dry electro-filter)
  • Engineering design of wet electrostatic precipitators (wet electro-filter)
  • Engineering design of pressure chambers
  • Engineering design of Chimney
  • Engineering design of torches / flare systems
  • Engineering design of candles
  • and much more.

Analysis and mechanical engineering design of machines, equipment and vessels for the industry

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to mechanical engineering services for any engineering design of specialized static and dynamic technological equipment for the industry. The vast portfolio and experience of mechanical engineering design for various machines and technological equipment can give a flying start to your business. Contact us!
Mechanical engineering services, including analysis and engineering design of machines, equipment and vessels, through high-tech software solutions

At Chimconsult we use the most innovative software solutions of HEXAGON. For the calculations and analysis, part of the mechanical engineering design, and in particular the calculation and analysis of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and tanks, we focus on Visual Vessel Design and / or PV Elite.