Pipeline Engineering Services

Pipeline engineering services and piping design projects

One of the engineering company strengths is the development of pipeline design projects and the provision of comprehensive pipeline engineering services, including positioning and piping connection of technological equipment, stress analysis of pipeline systems and engineering design of pipelines, surveying of pipeline routes, where the main focus is the stress analysis and piping design of high pressure pipeline connections dedicated for hot fluids. Though, we also provide pipeline engineering services for pipes with medium and low pressure dedicated for cold and ambient temperature fluids.

Our team of pipeline designers (piping engineering designers) have many years of experience and vast portfolio of implemented projects for pipeline systems both in Bulgaria and in other countries, part of the European Union.

The main reason for company being focused mainly on the preparation of pipeline projects for high pressure pipelines and hot fluids, which are distinguished by the fact that they require a more thorough stress analysis of the respective pipeline routes, is the fact that the company and the pipeline engineering team thrives on challenges and loves to tackle complex and challenging projects . Our designers take into account various factors when performing the stress analysis of pipeline systems, taking all these considerations when performing static analysis and dynamic analysis, so that the client can receive the most reliable, cheap to produce and accurate pipeline engineering project.

Types of pipeline engineering services that we provide

  • Design of high pressure pipelines
  • Design of medium and low pressure pipelines
  • Design of water pipelines
  • Design of oil pipeline systems (petroleum pipelines)
  • Design of pipelines for hot temperature fluids
  • Design of pipelines for ambient and cold temperatures fluids

Other projects related to the pipeline engineering services:

  • Positioning and piping connection of technological equipment
  • Pipeline supports
  • Design of underground and above ground pipelines
  • Others

We provide our pipeline engineering services and design piping projects without compromising on quality

Thanks to the rich experience of our piping specialists and the highly specialized piping software we use, we can offer you stress analysis and pipeline engineering services, including design of pipelines, pipeline routes and systems, providing them quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.
We use 100% licensed and highly specialized piping software for stress analysis and pipeline design

At Chimconsult we use a combination of software solutions to perform stress analysis and to design pipelines. Thanks to HEXAGOn and their pipeline software solutions, namely CADWorx Plant Professional (software for design and drawing generation of pipeline routes and systems) and CAESAR II (software for stress analysis of pipeline connections), which have a two-way connection, we manage to quickly and easily build models of pipelines, to do static analysis and dynamic analysis, and to design the pipeline systems in detail without wasting unnecessary time.