Process Engineering Services

Process design and process engineering services for the industry

Process design and process engineering services are part of the main activities for the company. At Chimconsult we prepare complete process documentation of technological (industrial) production processes, preparing many activities, as part of the process engineering services performed at the company, such as:

  • Process calculations
  • Block flow diagrams (BFD)
  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID)
  • Process data sheet (equipment specifications)
  • Piping line list
  • more..

Our process engineer designers have extensive experience in the field of process design, as the team is formed on the basis of the accumulated knowledge and experience acquired in an engineering design organization at Lukoil Neftochim Burgas.

Since the founding of engineering company Chimconsult, in addition to the process designs for the oil refining industry, our process engineers have gained experience in many other industries, especially in wood processing, chemical industry, bio-technology and others.

The process engineering services have been the leading force of the company, which managed to keep us firmly established on the Bulgarian market for more than 15 years, where in the last 5 years the engineering company prepares process design documentation for other countries, part of the EU.

What does process engineering mean

Process engineering, generally speaking, is the “architecture” of the industrial design projects – the design of the basic for any production, namely, the engineering design of the production processes. The process engineering services aim to make a thorough analysis of the latest technological solutions and to compare them with the respective production. Process engineering design also aims to analyze the energy and material balance, to take into account all the possibilities of savings and added value, to analyze and correctly calculate the operating costs in relation to capital investments in order to build a sustainable business.

  • The technological design (process engineering design) provides calculations and analysis, in which the basic technological equipment and the applied pipeline connection are calculated.
  • A technological scheme is prepared, carrying information about the technological flows and parameters for the system
  • The process engineering design shows a pipeline and equipment diagram,  in the form of a P&ID diagram
  • The process engineering design provide a specification of the pipelines (pipeline list)
  • In general, the dedicated process engineering services provide technological solutions based on thorough analysis, research and calculations.

We provide our process engineering services for all industry sectors

The accumulated experience and rich know-how database gained over the years makes us extremely competitive in the field of process engineering. From factories for pallets, pellets, HDF, MDF, chipboard (SPAN) to the production of alcohol, fuels and much more. If you have an idea for production, we are ready to assist you!
We use powerful software solutions to deliver the best process engineering services

Since our process engineering services are part of the main activities for the engineering company, to prepare process diagrams, we choose the best software, without compromising on investment! We at Chimconsult trusted HEXAGON and their CADWorx P&ID solution, as well as other high-tech software solutions. Providing the best engineering services, including process engineering, has always been priority number one for us.