Chimconsult and MAPS Engineering

For greater flexibility we have created an auxiliary company – MAPS ENGINEERING LTD , with the help of which for each specific site we hire and form a suitable team, an engineering staff of highly qualified specialists with proven long experience in the industry engineering, construction and civil engineering. Through the help of the MAPS Engineering we perform better task allocation, accurate assessment of required resources and risk management. In this way, we guarantee greater flexibility, setting realistic deadlines, competitive pricing and the implementation of bigger or smaller turnkey projects.

More information about MAPS Engineering can be found below on this page.

MAPS Engineering

Construction and assembly organization from the family of “Chimconsult”.

MAPS Engineering LTD is a 100% subsidiary of Chimconsult. The company was established in 2008 in order to construct and install the designed by Chimconsult and Petromashproject project, in order to be able to guarantee, on the one hand, the quality of engineering, and on the other hand, in order to shorten the design time frame.

Thanks to the technical staff hired over the years, the company performs construction and installation activities without compromising on quality.

Over the years, in addition to the implementation, installation and commissioning of the projects of Chimconsult , MAPS Engineering has carried out project activities by other main construction and installation companies in Bulgaria.

Engineering services of MAPS Engineering


Implementation of projects for valves, screw conveyors, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, vessels, reservoirs, machines and others


Delivery of equipment, tanks, non-standard vessels, reservoirs and others.


Installation and commissioning of various equipment, facilities and machines for the industry.

More information about MAPS Engineering LTD

Today MAPS Engineering has many completed projects on its resume, including installation of specialized tanks, produced by leading companies in the industry, as well as numerous personally manufactured equipment, such as valves, augers, belt and chain conveyors, non-standard vessels and appliances. , dry masonry boilers and much more.

Thanks to the engineering company MAPS Engineering, the submitted projects take a physical dimension and bear real responsibility for complete engineering activities – from the development of the project on the white sheet of paper, to commissioning, guaranteeing the agreed technical indicators.

In addition to the Bulgarian market, the company has successfully exported conveyors to Croatia, installed and successfully implemented as intended.

For larger projects and requirements for the respective category, the company works together or as a subcontractor to leading construction and assembly organizations in the industry.