Project Authorization (local compliance)

Authorization of projects - compliance with local laws and regulations

As per ZUT (the Bulgarian Spatial Planning Act) and the laws and regulations introduced by the Bulgarian Chamber of Architects and Engineers in the Investment design (KIIP), a foreign project or such designed by foreign engineer or architect should go through a process called Project Authorization by a local Bulgarian Architect or Engineer. This local designer has to be part of the Chamber of Architects and Engineers in the Investment Design and should own a certificate and a stamp for full engineering design qualification.

The engineer designer (or architect) should validate that the project is designed as per the active in Bulgaria local laws and regulations, validating this by applying his/her certificate to the project and stamping/ signing the necessary documentation and drawings. By doing so, the local engineer designer takes responsibility for the project before the Bulgarian municipalities and laws.

This means that foreign projects, which are to be applied/ implemented on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, must be checked for compliance in accordance with the regulations and applicable laws in force in the country, and the engineering design organization performing this service should certify this with a signature,stamp and applied certificate. The local compliance (project authorization) should be performed by a designer with full design qualification, a certificate submitted by the relevant chamber, for example, the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (KIIP).

Project Authorization and compliance to local Bulgarian laws and regulations

Engineering company Chimconsult performs local compliance (project authorization) of projects. With its many years of experience, the engineering company has the necessary resources and competencies to make an assessment, as well as to adapt projects to the respective terrain, conditions and requirements for the country.

Contact us if you need engineering services regarding project authorization and local compliance with the active laws and regulations in Bulgaria.