Industrial Engineering Project Management

Project Management of complex industrial engineering projects

We at Chimconsult will help you by taking over the management of your projects, organizing all the required engineering disciplines, monitoring their successful implementation, according to clearly defined and agreed with you goals and time schedules, based on which you and other stakeholders will receive weekly reports on all performed and undertaken actions, thus minimizing the risk of your investment.

Why should you trust us for project management of your industrial projects?

In the 21st century, project management is a must for both large and small scale projects. Project management is crucial when it comes to risk analysis,  cost managment, minimizing expenses and increasing productivity. We at Chimconsult have many years of experience in project management of turnkey projects (EPC, EPCM, turnkey), as well as small projects involving one or more project disciplines. In its background, Chimconsult has many successfully completed projects in almost all industries. The rich portfolio of clients speaks for itself about the successful endeavor of the company in various engineering services, including project management. Our designers and project managers are at your disposal to save your valuable time and resources, vital for successful and timely implementation of projects. Trust our experience and contact us for project management services!


Trust our experience when it comes to project management of small and complex industrial projects. Do not waste time and resources. Let our experience in project management contribute to the successful implementation of your projects, and we will take care of the organization of the necessary project parts and ensure their successful implementation. We at Chimconsult can help both in cases of complete engineering (EPC or “turnkey”, EPCM, EPCMV) and/ or for the individual project disciplines.

Project life cycle in project management

When initiating a project, our team will fully assist you with describing the content, scope and scale of your project, and will also collect the necessary design assignment data. Then, we at Chimconsult will carefully plan the necessary actions, assessing and analyzing the necessary factors, including time (time schedule), costs, resources and will analyze any potential risk. During the implementation, we form a team of highly qualified designers and project managers and take responsibility for providing valuable information to all stakeholders, in order to ensure the successful implementation of your projects. To provide high-quality in our project management services, we emphasize highly on project control. Here we monitor the risks, take the necessary measures to improve to ensure the successful completion of each individual project.






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